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From Your Dreams to Reality

Custom Design Jewelry

We Specialize In Custom Design Jewelry

We specialize in custom design. Schedule a time to meet with us and start your dream jewelry. We offer the option of using all new materials or bringing in your old jewelry to be melted down. We want you to be thrilled with your new one-of-a-kind piece of art, so we work hard to fit within your budget or time constraints! Call today to make your appointment!

Turn Something Old Into Something New

Not all custom designs start with new materials… we can help you take a collection of old jewelry and convert it into a brand new design. Reusing the metals and precious stones or adding others can create a new piece that is totally unique and personal.

Our first custom piece was designed with Stars over 10 years ago. And recently, I contacted John via email and we were able to create another unique ring for an upcoming anniversary. Just to think that on a chance visit to Damariscotta and stopping into a quaint little jewelry store would result in a lifelong, happy relationship!

John Smith

Pittsburgh, PA

Custom Design Jewelry Gallery

Here are just a few of the many unique pieces that we have designed with our customers over the past 25 years. Maybe it’s time to gather up all those old pieces in your jewelry box and come in to see what we can help you create!